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From the Publishers

Currently in our Image Gallery there is a photo showing fifty faces. They are the faces of those who would huddle for hours on a cold New York City corner to gaze up, many with delight, at the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade floats passing by. The photo was taken in 1977. What has happened over the intervening years in the lives of these individuals, who now range in age from mid-30's to deceased? What elicits their smiles today? To view the photo, go to the site (www.falling-apart.net) and click on "Gallery" in the green menu bar.

Also, we encourage you not to let up on your compassion towards the people of Haiti. That country will need our help for a long time. Prominently listed on our site are links to large organizations working very hard to care for those suffering and to keep hope alive.

We wish you the best in 2010!

Bob David and John Wong

Currently Featured Stories

In After Losing Rosie, Bob Roberts gives us a peek into fluctuating emotions and thoughts that occupy him as he deals with the loss of his wife.

Laurel Chiten moves to Santa Fe and decides to start raising goats. She's in for some surprises when it's time to breed them. Read Joey's Story.

A month before his father's death, Bob David suddenly becomes aware of how difficult and disappointing it was for his father to deal with their differing paths. There is nothing he can do with this awareness but let it sit with him, until just as suddenly, the impending hurt dissolves into freedom. Read The Burden and the Lifting.

Gena Corea volunteers in a state prison. In Table in the Clearing, she describes a ritual in which the inmates invite the hurt and exiled parts of themselves to join them for an imaginary Thanksgiving feast.

Letter to My Momma is a short poem in which Michael Harrison finds himself facing the same tough issues with his new love interest as in his relationship with his mother.

In Mt. Auburn, it's a challenge for Dianna Calareso to accept the aging and coming apart of her grandfather.

Bruce Nickerson manages the parish soup kitchen ministry to the homeless. He is incensed when the rector builds what Bruce considers an unjust case against one of their clients. Read The Soup Kitchen.

Favorite from the Archives

The Anatomy of an Affair, written anonymously, is a lengthy account, full of metaphors, of the desires, frustrations, and rationalizations of a married woman—a minister—dealing with the uncertainty of where things are going with her carpenter lover.

...Plans are in place for you to come over tomorrow morning and fix the living room bookshelves. I have done what you asked by calling the contractor, acting like this is urgent. Now that the cover story is in place you say you will be here along the lines of 30 minutes. You say it should only take 12 minutes to fix the shelves, as if 30 minutes is doing me a favor. I hate you. Must I learn my lessons from Dear Abby web sites? She assured a jilted woman that someone who’s in love wants to spend time together. Thirty minutes is like being handed a handkerchief for cover in the middle of a thunderstorm.

...I am searching for a period to put at the end of this affair, not a comma, although that would be something. I do not have the vocabulary or the punctuation in my store of words. Wonder that, a writer, without language, and nothing to stop her. Read the whole story…

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