Letters to the Editors


[This] online magazine is utterly compelling and well written and heart opening... and the piece by a woman obsessed with an affair turned out to be very useful to a client of mine in the same boat! Thanks from an engaged reader.

A site with heart

Thanks for sharing this truly thoughtful site with me. It is so beautifully executed. I believe it generates a silent respect for everyone who visits it.

Nothing sappy

I think your magazine presents as an objective, mature publication, rather than sappy or preachy collections. That is my kind of read.

A good resource

I read a couple of your articles and was instantly touched by the sincerity of the writers. I regularly go to the county jail and MCI-Framingham [women's prison] and advocate on behalf of the women. Many of them have issues with substance use and abuse. I will recommend this site to the ones who are being released back into the community as a resource to help them navigate their re-entry and hopefully avoid relapse.

Nice job

Dear John and Bob,

What a nice job you have done with this lovely project. The stories you have published so far certainly are inspiring.

I would like to forward your home page to dozens of friends. Have you thought of putting a button on your Home Page that would permit readers to forward it to friends? That would give your readers an opportunity to share, as well as to increase your circulation and exposure.

Keep up the fine work. I look forward to reading your next editions.

[Editor's Note: That's a great idea, Fred. So far we have added the "Invite others to Falling-Apart.net" link.]

First comments...

- It's quite exciting to have a site all about falling apart. And refreshingly unAmerican. We are so pressed to succeed, be cool, have it together. But it's NOT always onward and upward. Our paths aren't linear. We spiral. To acknowledge that falling apart is part of the cycle of life, that we can fall to pieces and then come back together in new shapes, that breaking our hearts can lead to greater compassion for ourselves and others—this is a huge relief. It's a WONDERFUL, WONDERFUL CONCEPT!

- I find this site inspiring and interesting. However I'm not sure how often I would want to visit. I almost think that every six months would be enough. It is a place that you can share deep experiences of pain, loss and renewal, giving you that added initiative to write about them. It is also a heart-opening experience to read about other peoples’ struggles and reactions to experiences that we might not have had, or maybe have had and can relate to. I did however wonder about one thing in this age of google. If you did write about something very personal, won't anyone who googled you have access to it? This includes friends as well as foes.

- What was your motivation to develop this site? Why do you feel this approach is inspirational? I do not think folks need such a site. There are better ways to deal with difficulties in life.

- I feel there is a very strong need for this type of site. It's a wonderful avenue to give voice to one's own life story and how emotions, actions and problems fit into the context of one's experiences. It's a way to integrate "untold" aspects of the past into one's own life narrative. It helps people to emotionally enter and re-author their own stories in a way that helps construct new meaning. Reading some of these amazing stories helped me to focus on what can be achieved in my own life and the future rather than the past and day-to-day problems themselves. They helped me to focus on possible strengths and resources of my own.